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O nas

Company Introduction
 is an online shopping site, aimed at people who cannot find the special sizes of shoes, and then forced to buy expensive shoes, even fend for themselves.

 The site is belong to DU DUO LE 's group co. The main office is located in Hefei,  Anhui province of china. This site offers unavailable sizes shoes at affordable prices. Our products are made ​​in China, and  90% of which you can buy in market, although the smart ones change the labels. The project  started  with several years ago and then continued with these other three sites. The reason why we are able to do certain prices is that we have eliminated many costs that a regular store can not delete.

 We can be compared ourselves as a low-cost online, with many advantages, but also with various defects. We will try to eliminate the defects as much as possible.

 The site is always being updated, not because the products offered are not vast, but we will try our best to offer the newest products. It is an unending work.
 Any requirement, please contact us by writing in English preferably. You will get an immediately response. We recommend that you'd better read the "GUIDE TO THE FIRST PURCHASE" on the up right of the fist page, which will help you deal with most buying problems. Also we would follow the shipment after departure.




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